Get in contact with the Stair Right team via email, telephone or the site survey form for a free site survey.

A time and date will be arranged for a site visit where one of our team will meet with you personally and help you determine the type of staircase you require.

With information collected from the site visit, we will provide an estimate within 48 hours. If any of the information has changed, a new estimate will be sent reflecting the changes.

Once an estimate has been accepted an invoice for a deposit will be sent to the client (See T&Cs) as well as our estimated timescale for completion.
Upon payment of the deposit, technical drawings are created and supplied to the client for confirmation of design. These technical drawings include 3D images of the staircase to help visualise the final result.
After confirmation of the technical drawings the staircase will enter production. Any and all modifications to the design need to be highlighted prior to production.
A new timescale is sent to the client and a day to deliver/fit/pickup the staircase is arranged.

Any outstanding payments must be completed prior.